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Living with Complex PTSD: Healing Trauma and Releasing Shame

Welcome to My World

By: Davina Lomax Burns

I spent most of my life feeling like I was broken or damaged goods. I didn't understand what was wrong with me. I attempted to present a perfected version of myself and my life externally. I kept my shameful traumas and brutal past hidden from the outside world and even tried my best to deny them to myself.

I pushed away the effects they had on me, but eventually, they would make their way to the surface. No matter how often I'd push them away and deny them, they would always show up again, usually unexpectedly, knocking me off my stride in devastating blows over and over again. I was breaking. I needed help. I wanted a better life, and I wanted to heal. But the thought of unearthing the past seemed monumentally overwhelming. Eventually, I sought help. I was able to face my fears and begin my healing journey.

Living with Complex PTSD

The threads of my challenges and triumphs are interwoven in a rich tapestry of my life. I have learned there is nothing"wrong" with me. I understand why I have automatic reactions in situations that appear random. Living with Complex PTSD has opened my eyes to the impact of trauma and the weight of shame that often follows. I have gained an understanding of myself and my reactions, which was necessary to start the healing process. I can't fix it if I can't see it! I lead a much more fulfilling and vibrant life now. I have replaced that confusing, deep-rooted self-hatred with self-love and compassion.

Live Your Truth

My mission is to serve as a resource of inspiration to others who struggle with the debilitating effects of trauma and shame. I want to serve as a source of comfort, laughter, and healing connection by sharing my personal experiences and thoughts through words—spoken, written, read, sung, whispered, and sometimes screamed. I have successfully developed a healthy way of life. It is possible. I am living proof. And my hope for you is that you find peace and healing on your journey and Live Your Truth.

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If you or someone you know may be experiencing symptoms of C-PTSD or other mental health disorders, it's crucial to seek help from a healthcare provider or mental health professional.

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